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We save time by structuring the development phases of our project. We save by avoiding exorbitant costs in "perfect prototypes", we generate disruptive ideas by not constraining the team in the ideation phase

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Reported greater efficiency in their innovation processes


Increase in creativity, generating innovative ideas


Growth in success in the development of their products


Consider innovation essential for mitigating risks and challenges

Frequently asked questions

How long does the consulting process IMO last?

Before commencing the innovation consulting process, we evaluate each case to estimate the duration of the support. In general, the process typically lasts between 3 and 4 weeks, although depending on the complexity of the idea, it could extend to a few months.

Who will accompany me at the IMO?

We have a highly specialized multidisciplinary team in various areas. This allows us to address your needs in a personalized manner, with experts in UX/UI, Project Managers, IT and infrastructure professionals, as well as specialists in market analysis and business.

What do I receive after the consulting process is completed?

After concluding the Innovation consulting process, we conduct a comprehensive presentation that covers all the findings and recommendations. These findings are documented in various reports that are delivered at the end. Additionally, if necessary, we can provide a project execution schedule and user experience outlines.

Need help on bringing your idea to life?

No problem, we plan to change that.

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