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Panamanian citizen verification

Panamanian citizen verification with the highest fidelity level thanks to a connection to the Biometric Identification System (SIB in Spanish) from the Panamanian Tribunal Electoral.

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Frequently asked questions

Where is the data located?

The anonymous transaction data is stored in encrypted and protected databases by VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Information about transactions is stored in the databases, but no clients’ personal information (PII) is stored.

What is required from the customer to make a SIB query?

The customer must upload their ID number and take a selfie. The ID number must comply with the format established in Panama. The selfie must be in ".jpg" format.

Do we have any information security certification?

Apptenticate currently has a security certification within the OWASP framework issued by Solutions Group.  This indicates that penetration tests have been performed to detect security vulnerabilities in the system and show that it is a code that complies with the OWASP standard.

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