A tool to securely and efficiently validate the user's identity using cutting-edge technology.

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Facial Biometrics

By using Tribunal Electoral biometrics, biometric confirmation is achieved by comparing faces.

Certified Operator

We are a certified operator by the Tribunal Electoral to use the SIB service.

Secure Database

As a certified operator, we have the capability to securely validate the citizen without storing information in the process.

SIB Plus

We offer the additional service of SIB, which provides supplementary information to validate citizens.

Biometrics with Document

The service provides biometric validation through the photo on an identity document and the user's selfie.

Easy to Integrate

The tool has APIs for a customized integration according to the client's needs.

Saves Time and Money

Automatically validate the identity of your users in a matter of minutes.

Precise and Secure

Meets iBeta/NIST Level 1 and Level 2 PAD for iOS and Android, achieving a perfect score. The software processes millions of liveness tests every month.


Compatible with all modern cameras and devices. API available, no data retention, and highly scalable.


Takes less than a second; a unique image-based approach uses the same captured selfie for facial recognition to determine liveliness.

Passive Verification

Automatically detects presentation attacks with the same selfie, excluding smiles, blinks, and camera movements.

Panamanian ID Cards

The service automatically reads the data from the front of the document and the readable QR on the reverse side.

Passport MRZ Reading

We read the universal structure in passports to extract all available information.

ID Reader Plus

The service validates the information on the front and back of the document to confirm its match.

Biometric Database

Our service helps create a biometric database that is stored locally on the client's device, ensuring data security.

Total Control

The service provides a documented API that allows adding, deleting, blocking, and modifying individuals as needed, ensuring total control.


We provide access to a secure control panel to manage individuals, transactions, and roles efficiently.

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Panamanian citizen verification

Panamanian citizen verification with the highest fidelity level thanks to a connection to the Biometric Identification System (SIB in Spanish) from the Panamanian Electoral Tribunal.

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Use Cases

Additional Security

Security at all branches has been reinforced with facial recognition when registering requests at the counter, providing an extra level of protection.

✔ Recognizer


In collaboration with our client, we created an onboarding process for users to easily and quickly apply for credit cards from their phones.

✔ SIB Biometrics
✔ Apptenticate Biometrics
✔ ID Reader
✔ Passive Liveness

Third Factor

A third factor of authentication has been added for enhanced security in linking the token to mobile devices and to prevent fraud.

✔ SIB Biometrics
✔ Apptenticate Biometrics
✔ ID Reader
✔ Passive Liveness

Frequently asked questions

Where is the data located?

The anonymous transaction data is stored in encrypted and protected databases by VPN (Virtual Private Network).
Information about transactions is stored in the databases, but no clients’ personal information (PII) is stored.

What is required from the customer to make a SIB query?

The customer must upload their ID number and take a selfie. The ID number must comply with the format established in Panama. The selfie must be in ".jpg" format.

Do we have any information security certification?

Apptenticate currently has a security certification within the OWASP framework issued by Solutions Group. This indicates that penetration tests have been performed to detect security vulnerabilities in the system and show that it is a code that complies with the OWASP standard.

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