DT Mood

A motivational tool to get to know your employees' state of mind

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human resources app, occupational welfare, employee measurement, best place to work, management of remote teams

Increase your team's wellbeing

With DTmood you can monitor your team's mood, allowing you to take early action to maintain a productive environment with happy and satisfied people.


Motivate your team to interact and share through a basic gamification process that allows you to reward the people who interact the most.

human resources app, occupational welfare, employee measurement, best place to work, management of remote teams

DT-Mood is the perfect fit

Multinational Food Packaging Company

We implemented DTmood with a multinational company that has food packaging plants in several countries. They use it to monitor the mood of employees in each of the plants.

Remote Developers

DTmood is especially valuable for monitoring the performance and mood of remote teams such as a software development teams. It allows to add an additional layer of connection with people who are not physically in the company.

Recruitment Agency

DTmood allows recruitment agencies to monitor the performance and mood of the staff working in their clients' offices. This allows the agency to detect problems in the work environment as well as providing added value to its clients.

Large Companies

When companies have hundreds or even thousands of employees, it becomes very difficult to grasp how the whole team is feeling. Sometimes there are complete departments that are not doing well. DTmood can help HR detect these issues early so they don't grow.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I implement DT Mood in my company?

DT Mood is a tool that motivates and encourages your team to participate by sharing their feelings daily so that they can be heard and create a culture of transparency and trust in your organization.Employees who can talk about their feelings feel more comfortable, are more engaged and are less likely to leave their job.

Can I use it if my company is a Multinational?

Yes, when several roles and countries exist, the tool can categorize users and give them access only to the organization they belong to so that they can visualize only what they need.

What platforms is DT Mood compatible with?

DT Mood has an Admin Dashboard that can be accessed from any browser and operating system. The partner application is available for both Android and iOS.

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