Boost your team's productivity with DT Mood

DT Mood simplifies well-being management for your team by providing precise measurements to prevent issues. It identifies and addresses challenges before they become crises, enhancing overall performance.

Stress can be the worst enemy; that's why a happy work environment can increase productivity by up to 30%.

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Simplify the data collection of your team to assess the work environment.

Real-time data

Motivate your team by rewarding participation and encouraging collaboration.


Motivate your team by rewarding participation and fostering collaboration.

IA Assistant

Analyze data in real time to uncover valuable patterns, trends, and insights.

Increase your team's wellbeing

With DT Mood you can monitor your team's mood, allowing you to take early action to maintain a productive environment with happy and satisfied people.

Interaction metrics

Making quick decisions to enhance satisfaction at the right moment is crucial. Acting swiftly not only benefits customers but also strengthens efficiency and fosters a proactive work environment.

DT-Mood is the perfect fit

Multinational Company

DT Mood is particularly valuable for multinational companies to monitor the mood in multiple environments and cultures.

Remote Developers

DT Mood benefits remote teams, such as software development, by strengthening the connection with personnel outside the company.

Recruitment Agency

DT Mood helps staffing agencies monitor and improve the performance and satisfaction of personnel in their clients' offices.

Large Companies

With hundreds or thousands of employees, it's challenging to understand the team's state. DT Mood helps HR detect issues in departments promptly and prevent their escalation.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I implement DT Mood in my company?

DT Mood is a tool that motivates and encourages your team to participate by sharing their feelings daily so that they can be heard and create a culture of transparency and trust in your organization. Employees who can talk about their feelings feel more comfortable, are more engaged and they are less likely to leave their job.

Can I use it if my company is a Multinational?

Yes, when several roles and countries exist, the tool can categorize users and give them access only to the organization they belong to so that they can visualize only what they need.

What platforms is DT Mood compatible with?

DT Mood has an Admin Dashboard that can be accessed from any browser and operating system. The partner application is available for both Android and iOS.

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