DT Hive

It is an ecosystem for Document Management

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Digital branch where prospect data and documents are obtained through a form.

Document Manager

Platform that stores customers' digital files.


Provides a log to audit every action on the client's file.

Fully Capable API

Deployed services for customer creation, product association, and record updating.


Allows tracking the completeness of records, document expiration, and sending notifications.

User Management

Enables user self-management, role assignment, and Single Sign-On (SSO) integration.

Let's talk about numbers:


Implementations in banks


Applications processed


Files stored


Covers end-to-end processes from prospecting to customer file generation.

Human Resources

Permite crear y actualizar los perfiles de colaboradores de una empresa.


Handling due diligence between buying and selling companies to build trust.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to use all the modules?

No, one of the benefits of DT Hive is that all its modules are independent and can be acquired separately.

What is the advantage of acquiring all the modules?

By acquiring all the modules, the DT Hive environment becomes much more powerful as you can cover a whole process from start to finish, from a customer requesting a product to creating his file. By being all together, you can optimize processes easily and quickly.

Can it be integrated with my Core System? 

Yes, it is possible to integrate with any Core System, ERP, CRM, or central data system as long as it has an API or a middleware layer providing customer data.

Can I integrate DT Hive with other applications?

Yes, you can integrate DT Hive through REST APIs to perform many actions in a Core System, ERP, or CRM. It also exposes an API so that other systems can query or send information. It is also integrable with Active Directory for ease of user management.

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