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Innovation process

We save time by structuring the development phases of our project. We save by avoiding exorbitant costs in "perfect prototypes", we generate disruptive ideas by not constraining the team in the ideation phase.

Let's talk about numbers


Of the companies that participated in a study on the use of Design Thinking in organizations stated that their innovation processes where more efficient - Schmiedgen, Rhinow, Köppen y Meinel, 2015


Of business executives believe that their current business models are at risk, and think that innovation is a key factor in their grow strategy. - McKinsey


Of companies indicates that the customer interaction strategy helps to define innovation from the initial idea. - PWC


More than half of business excecutives (54%) said they find it difficult to align their businesses and innovation strategies. - PWC

Frequently asked questions

How long does the IMO accompaniment process lasts? 

Before starting the innovation process we evaluate each step to estimate the length of the accompaniment. Usually the process lasts between 3 to 4 weeks, but depending on the complexity of the idea, it could last a few months.

Who will accompany me at the IMO?

We are a multidisciplinary team specialized in different areas, we have UX/UI specialists, Project Managers, IT and infrastructure experts, market and business analysis specialists.

What do I receive after the accompaniment ends?

At the end of the innovation process, we give a presentation with all the findings and recommendations. This information is captured in several documents that are delivered at the end of the process. Depending on the requirements, we can also provide a timeline of the project execution and sketches of the user experience.

Need help on bringing your idea to life?

No problem, we plan to change that.

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