Simplified and easy collection management

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Simplified and easy collection management 

Collector is a tool designed for the management of collections for end customers. This tool is integrated to a payment landing through which the customer can make timely and expeditious payment of his invoices.

Push notifications

Send your customers a single email with a link that groups the invoices to be paid.

Multiple gateways

Give your customers the possibility to choose their preferred language and payment method.


Manage all collections from a single place and organize them by  configurable statuses.

Executives management

Assign client portfolios to each executive in a easy way.

Let's talk about numbers


Sent invoices


Available languages


Currencies available for payment


Service availability

Frequently asked questions

Can I decide what payment gateway to use?

Yes, Collector can be integrated with different payment gateways existing globally. You can even integrate multiple gateways to give your clients different alternatives.

How do I get notified when my clients make a payment?

Collector sends notifications via email to inform the stakeholders when a payment is done through the platform. Besides that, the invoice status will change to "Paid" automatically and the collection data will be updated.

What if my clients prefer to pay using other offline methods?

Collector also works as a follow-up platform, where collection executives can update status manually and the client has the posibility to update proof of payments to be reviewed.

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